About GH

The driving force for GH DESIGNS is creativity. Georgios Hatzikostopoulos has been designing beautiful and innovative designs and products since the beginning. GH DESIGNS shows the insatiable need to produce amazing signage and architectural elements that the world has ever seen.

“I was born with a talent,” says Mr. Hatzikostopoulos. “My passion has always been creating from a young age, especially things that haven’t been done before. For GH DESIGNS, it’s a playground where the impossible idea becomes reality.” GH DESIGNS mission is to create beautiful, dynamic and unique elements for brands big and small.

Dominic Scott

“I wanted to use my work to tell stories! As a kid I witnessed my families stories and what it took for them to establish themselves in this country. I remember my mother Maria always encouraging new avenues and ensuring I persisted in my talent. As my talent became more refined so did my appreciation for my craft!”

Founder and Creative Director

Georgios Hatzikostopoulos

Georgios Hatzikostopoulos, the Founder and Creative Director of GH DESIGNS, embarked on his creative journey from a tender age. Raised in a traditional Greek environment, he imbibed the core value of family as the bedrock of his existence. Witnessing his family’s triumphant journey to this country, and his fortuitous birth in a land brimming with boundless opportunities, he set out to seize the most from this golden chance.

A self-taught luminary in the realm of traditional art and design, he initiated his creative voyage by crafting designs for enterprises belonging to his family and friends within the Greek community. His earliest foray into freelancing saw him sell his inaugural commission during his formative years, a modest transaction of only $25. Guiding his steps through this creative odyssey was his mother, Maria, herself a self-taught florist and wedding designer. She recognized her son’s innate talent and nurtured it over the years, presenting him with ideas, openings, and even submitting his sketches to the illustrious “Denise the Menace” Illustrator for the Charlotte Observer. This publication not only responded but also graced him with a personalized illustration, accompanied by a quotation encouraging him to persist on his artistic path.

Fast-forward nearly two decades, and the Olympic flame of Mr. Hatzikostopoulos burns brighter than ever. The narrative persists, echoing through his exceptional design and artistry showcased in the portfolio of GH DESIGNS.

Most notably, Mr. Hatzikostopoulos has cultivated partnerships with a plethora of esteemed national and international brands, including Rolls Royce Motor Cars, McLaren, Dunkin’, Pizza Hut, Deutsche Bank, CBRE, and Simon Malls, among others.


“I always had a good eye,” Mr. Hatzikostopoulos details. “I think it comes from knowing the final step before the concept drawing. Understanding the importance of impactive yet lasting design. I was self-taught in graphic design, animation, website design, and understanding the manufacturing of custom signage and architectural elements. Bringing life from concept to reality. It’s an experience like no other!”

Dominic Scott
Dominic Scott

What we Stand For

Fearless: GH DESIGNS is not afraid to create designs and real-world elements that only exist in dreams.

Pioneering: GH DESIGNS has a well deserved reputation for breaking new ground in design while still using traditional methods.

Innovative: Trying new ways of doing things, using different materials and developing new methods are all part of GH Designs reason for being GH DESIGNS. GH DESIGNS will never settle for being like everyone else.

Creative: Breaking new ground in design and signage with radical ideas and presenting design complications to challenge ourselves daily.

Risk-Taking: Turning many designs into reality for clients globally. GH DESIGNS embraces “impossible” designs into works of art for brands big and small.

Our Goal

To make the impossible a reality. Georgios Hatzikostopoulos lives to create compelling never before seen designs. Ensuring that any client of GH DESIGNS expects nothing less than exceptional, impactful and long lasting memorable designs. Mr. Hatzikostopoulos will never be content making hundreds of the same designs and products. He lives to create and innovate, always working on the next project with the same respect as the one before the last.