At GH DESIGNS, Georgios Hatzikostopoulos has built partnerships with many national and international brands. We use no brand ambassadors but prefer to partner exclusively with the best of the best. That is why our current partners include: Rolls Royce; McLaren; Dunkin’ Brands; CBRE; and Simon Malls to name a few.

Unparalleled commitment

“I didn’t want the traditional experience for GH DESIGNS.” Explains Mr. Hatzikostopoulos. “I want an experience; an immersive one to say the least. I wanted our clientele to understand that are there for them. We want them to feel as a dedicated part of their team.”

McLaren Charlotte

McLaren Experience

Fine Dining experience

We at GH DESIGNS were fortunate enough to complete work for McLaren Charlotte. The World’s number one dealer of McLaren 3 years running.

Private Aviation

Taking Flight

Fine Dining experience

Bringing together superior design with the sky as the limit.


“I always had a good eye,” Mr. Hatzikostopoulos details. “I think it comes from knowing the final step before the concept drawing. Understanding the importance of impactive yet lasting design.


When it comes to materials, Georgios Hatzikostopoulos has a standard of American-Made products. GH DESIGNS uses the best quality available ensuring durability and sustainability.


In the time-honored tradition of design, GH DESIGNS uses carefully selected vendors for the realization of the brand’s needs. GH DESIGNS designs its unique collection in-house, while quality control is ensured.

Redwood Capital – Chicago

Multi-Family way finding solutions.

We partner with various groups specializing in multi-family residential for retained signage packages, directional and identifiers through new innovative solutions.



GH DESIGNS is proud to partner with brands that want to achieve new heights. From first concept to installation we provide a full detailed scope ensuring your brand is in good hands.