AXIOS has made it onto the Signpost!

Hey everybody, it’s George! Welcome to the signpost here at GH DESIGNS. You may have recently seen us in AXIOS Charlotte. If you haven’t, you can find us here on AXIOS. It was such an amazing experience working with Laura Barrero. Her attention to detail was unmatched. She provided a genuine interest in GH DESIGNS as well as our conservation efforts for the city of Charlotte. Our initial conversation brought light to the beauty of signs and why we do what we do everyday. As well as insight for Laura on an amazing sign exhibit “Signs of Home” currently on display at the Charlotte Museum, of History curated by my good friend Christopher Lawing. Laura was able to meet with Christopher and for a short time immersed herself in our day to day love of signs.

Our city and what it means to me:

We live in a wonderful city. As a Charlotte native. I grew up on the east side of Charlotte. An area where at one point some of the most iconic Charlotte brand names anchored. Though we aren’t opposed to growth. I personally have seen some of the signs and businesses of yesteryear fade away, especially most recently. Whether it be new construction or just decay overtime. I felt a sense of preservation was needed to ensure the character of Charlotte does not completely fade but potentially provide a preservation approach. This has established us as one of the only sign companies in the city where it’s not about dialing for dollars. But a responsibility as a Charlottean I personally uphold and value for our cities history for future generations.

The Results:

The calls came rushing in from the time the article hit everyones emails at 6 am on November 8th to social sharing through apps, even now, a few weeks later. With a viewership of 8,219 individuals to-date. The overwhelming amount of love and support has flooded our inbox and really makes everything we do feel that much more rewarding. At GH DESIGNS we strive to provide an experience for our clients as well as the highest quality signs for brands local and in neighboring states. Our constant persistence and years of commitment to our community has led to a spotlight on our brand. It’s truly an honor.

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