Omega Plaza

GH DESIGNS showcases its newest sign restoration project. One of GH DESIGNS most significant restoration projects to date, Omega Plaza keeps its classic frame as it is transformed through a creative process that brings it into the modern era of signs.

Omega Plaza anchors at 4429 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205, where customers of the retail tenants will immediately recognize the fully restored sign. Omega, the final letter of the Greek alphabet, was met with Greek inspired blue and a new black finish. New tenant inserts with applied 3M matte black vinyl were added to tie it all together.

Energy Efficiency.

The sign initially housed multiple burned-out 10′ lamps, 8′ lamps and 4′ lamps paired with multiple failing ballasts and a burned out photocell. Now, you will find brand new power supplies and over 1,000 LED modules with an individual output of 370 lumens. When compared to its prior lighting components, the sign currently has reduced costs by 80% making it more energy efficient compared to its prior years. We also replaced the photocell and updated the power switch at the base of the sign.

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Structural Repair

Lain untouched and in disrepair, the sign contained significant water damage. The missing side moldings allowed the elements to not only take over the exterior, but also the interior. GH DESIGNS replaced many aspects of the sign such as a new pole cover, side moldings, tenant divider bars, completely new faces, interior fastening, multiple screw replacements and the reinforcement at the heart of the sign.

Safety Bollard

Past history of poor customer parking resulted in the destruction of the original pole cover. A bollard painted safety yellow was placed between the sidewalk and the base of the sign to prevent any future damage.