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Experience the world of GH with some of the biggest names in a variety of industries. Learn how we take your brand from concept design to final production.

Option #1 – Odyssey Package

Expedited and elevated design for your brand. Including comprehensive design concepts, Assistance with selecting products, materials, colors and finishes.

Option #2 – Olympus Package

Full-service design + build. Includes interior and exterior architectural elements and signage, decor and styling via our exclusive partnership.


Made in America

Made in America

GH Designs is a renowned design-build firm specializing in crafting exceptional American-Made products. With a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and craftsmanship, we take pride in producing products that reflect the very when it comes to creativity and manufacturing expertise.

How it works


Every project is unique and begins with your ideas about taste, comfort and how you would like to see your brand come to life. After you request a consultation, we’ll arrange an initial conversation to learn about your vision. Through a process of discovery and collaboration, we’ll explore ideas for creating your brand and bringing it to life within your space.

Design Development

Once we’ve aligned on the design concept with you, we’ll develop and refine it. Our disciplined approach includes looking at all elements of your project through the lens of our Design Hierarchy to create a brand image that reflects balance, symmetry and proportion in the pursuit of harmony. Ensuring every experience is viewed in the same light for your customers.


We will work in tandem with your architect and contractor to ensure that their teams outside of our own, install everything as presented.


Become a Partner

Become a partner

At GH DESIGNS, Georgios Hatzikostopoulos has built partnerships with many national and international brands. We use no brand ambassadors but prefer to partner exclusively with the best of the best. That is why our current partners include: Rolls Royce; McLaren; Dunkin’ Brands; CBRE; and Simon Malls to name a few.

Georgios Hatzikostopoulos

“I wanted to use my work to tell stories! As a kid I witnessed my families stories and what it took for them to establish themselves in this country. I remember my mother Maria always encouraging new avenues and ensuring I persisted in my talent. As my talent became more refined so did my appreciation for my craft!”

Recent Work – McLaren Charlotte


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